Wednesday, May 07, 2008

actually today got quite alot of pics to upload de la. but then dunno wads wrong with my stupid internet. can't let me upload. sucks man. hahah:) and in the end i only mange to upload one pics. and also dun have my face de sommor. hhah:)
today collected the online bag for my mother and singyee at 8pm. i reached at 7.55pm. den waited till 8.15pm den the person come. haiyo... late late and late... and i'm like sweating like hell. haha. i think i really need to pray hard that my skin will faster recover. or else i might get heat stroke someday. everyday need to wear cardign to cover that skin of mine. hahah:) my skin is drawing me CRAZY!!! pls faster recover!
that's all for today.
i shall try uploading the pics tmr if i can.
gisiang. andihatemySKIN.

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