Sunday, May 25, 2008

first time seeing clinic!

today stay at hm in the noon and evening to watch show. hhaha:)
at night , accompany singyee to clark quay there to do her proj.
after her proj. we walk around clark quay and saw alot of things that is not happening during the day time. hahah:)
IT'S THE FIRST TIME I SAW 'CLINIC'. as in the pub. hahha:)
i think is damn cool. hahah. so special. so took some photos of that place.
me with the red lighting effect. ugly carrot legs of mine!

see.. got the operation kind of lightings.
got wheelchair as seats!
like those beds as seats too...
if i was given a chance, i would definitely go there and also ESKI BAR. i think is like special. hahah:)
but 'clinic' can definitely be better design to give a stronger feel of that kind of clinic feelings. hees.
we also went to see people play bungee jump. hhaha:) is really scary i think.... haha:)
den we took bus hm. luckily we manage to take the last bus. haha:) took pic while we were on the bus.

what a ugly fringe and fat face i've got. haha:)

anyway, the pics are quite dark. haha.
reach hm. did the editing for the VI postcards.
some i really dont know how to edit. but i have manage to edit 6 of them. haha:)
i think i shall upload the edited postcards/photos of the VI when i'm free to let you people see. some are really nice i think... hahah.
that's all for the day. bye people. i'm tired.
gisiang. andilovethepicsiEDIT.
*thanks singyee for the kaya toast! *

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