Friday, May 30, 2008

today is thurs! and tmr there's no sch! isin't it great? hahah:)
anyway, so after sch went to marina sq with ah ma and chris.
we wanted to go to there de mphosis. but bought nothing. slippers that i like had run out of size. maybe the god is stopping me from buying things! haha:) but wadeva it is... today is a happy day! :)
i got news on my laptop.
the person called me abt 7plus...
person: hi. im calling from asus..... just want to confirm with you that you confirm want to repair ur laptop at the price of $1200 and payment will be made either by cash or nets.
me: ya, confirm. you all haven repair yet???
person: we have not repair. we need to double confirm that you agree to repair.
me: okays. den can you repair it asap. and when is the earliest i can get back my laptop?
person: tmr.
me: pls call me back ltr to inform me if i can get my laptop tmr.
person: okays.
the person called me back at abt 9pm....
person: hi....... ur laptop is ready for collection and payment to be made either by cash or nets.
me: okays. thanks.
tada... so my laptop is repaired!!! yeah. miss my laptop. haha:)
anyway, just want to say that. i left my laptop at asus for one week and 2days and den after so many days den they call me to check if i confirm sending it for repair. if im not sending it for repair den why do i need to put it at asus there???!! hahah:) luckily the repairing is fast!
so going to collect laptop tmr. and father is going to help me pay the whole repairing fee! thanks to him so much! and im seriously broke.
that's all for the day.
and lastly.. when i get back my laptop, i will be very happy. cos i can finally have all my files and document back and work with my own laptop.
gisiang. andilovemyLAPPY!

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