Monday, May 12, 2008

just some little updates on the pass few days bah. hahah:)
ytsd was mother's day.
so ordered this mango cake from emicakes. thanks to sujun! so i got a good price. haha:)
nice cake!
ystd watched fated to love you. today watched rolling love.
rolling love at this point of time is still not so nice yet. but i got a feeling that it will be a nice show. hahah:)
nothing much to talk abt for now.
laptop still in the spoilt condition. but now at least manage to pluck it to the monitor. so i got a clearer view. hahah:)
this is the mango cake!
that's abt it. and my brother treat the family canadian pizza!!! hahah:)
ystd ate so much food. gonna be damn fat!
this week still got bbq! fatter! oh man! hahah.
in my whole life i should be only like food and shows bah!
tmr going to mustafa to see BLACK PEOPLE! hahah:)
black river???!! hahah:)
that's abt it.
bye people. shall update real soon. hahah:)
gisiang. andi truely love shows&food!

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