Thursday, May 22, 2008

today nv go to sch agn. i skip rostina de lesson for 2times le. hahah:)
i wake up den i think last night emo den today don't want go sch. hahah:)
but still went to repair my laptop and also went to take pics for my studio project.
i went to bugis junction de food junction to have my lunch. i ate pan fried fish fettuccine...$6.80! super ex. but really not bad. but the serving is small. i got a brochure of this western food.

it's true that the person cook till the fire is so big OKAYS!!! haha:)
i think need a fireman to help to put out the fire loh! the fire still burn the hat! hahah:)
need to have a fireman to work there. anyone want to take up this job??!! haha:)
anyway, ystd we went to book a library room. and i think the sun is really cursing and following us... hahah:) see this....

is darren gonna be the future 'boyfriend' for sun??? hahha:)
anyway, im using my bro desktop now. super sucks. hahah:)
no microsoft. can't even crop pic. i can't work with this computer. hahah.
nvm. i just got to bare with it.
a reveal of a truth just within a day or even a night time.
the first time felt being backstab. sucks.
people of all kinds do exist in this world.
used to be good. now so.....
do not cry for unworthy people, unworthy issues, unworthy things. alright?
stay happy :)
that's all for today.
are things going to change for the better? who knows...

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