Sunday, May 04, 2008

if time could be turn back..

i was told by elaine that i have not blog for 4DAYS!!! omg! and i dun even realise. hhaha:)
here am i back to blog.
i haven been BUSY watching a taiwan drama- 热情仲夏 . it was a really short show. only got 12eps. haha:) so i started watching on thurs night, and finish it on sat night. haha. i felt that it was like a little summary of 恶作剧. maybe bcos zhi shu got act in the show bah. haha:) character in both show is also sort of similar. hahah:) overall, quite a cute show. i think i will be watching 'dan cao fan' bah. hahah:)
anyways, i have been rotting at hm for 2days.
today rmb ask singyee to send me last time went vivo take de pics. hahah:) it was quite some time ago. but still upload la. haha.

today too boring liao. so went to edit this pic. hahah:)
kaekae. thats all for today. tmr need to go sch agn. sian. bye people.
gisiang. andimisses thepast.

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