Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ystd went to raffles city to take pics with huifen and chris.
some pics taken...

this few days like very messy and confuse in terms of many many things.
angry over things. make my whole life so messy and so moodless.
i got so many pics that people keep on send me. send me songs. looking for songs i wanted but don't have. laptop screen crack, can't really see, can't post pics cos very troublesome. like damn pek chek. ystd work till 2am den sleep, wake up early, lesson cancel, lift at blkR go craze. really ...my life just sucks recently.
i got to smile and is like putting on a fake smile. ''HAHAH''
duno wad to do for my studio, stucked .
laptop tmr send for repair. dunno how to do the other work.
shitty life i got. just feel so pek chek! got to do this, do that...
ARGHH!!! i think i just got to rest early.
i think all of us need to destress...
anyway, i won't be online or maybe blogging for this few days bah. not sure also. cos laptop will be send for repair. SUCKS!!!
eyes swollen for like 1week already. sians!
don't feel like using my brain. don't feel like thinking anything. don't feel like doing anything. just feel so moody right now.
dunno why also. bye people.
i think i will upload the rest of the pics when my laptop is done with the repair.
LIFE SUCKS! people are changing!
gisiang. andihatetheFEELING.

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