Saturday, January 01, 2011

G o o d b y e 2 0 1 0

Let's say.....

 " G O O D B Y E  2 0 1 0,    H E L L O  2 0 1 1 . "

It's a start of new year and time to say goodbye to the past.
Before a real start, i really like to have recap the things i've done in this year, 2010.

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First Blog Post for 2010.
Working at Marina Barrage for that $156 for that 12hrs job, which we didn't get our pay till now.
Missing school life, working hard for FYP during that time till i rarely blog.

Say Goodbye to Designer Life.
This is the worst job I had for the year. I'm mentally drained. But still, really thanks to chris for introducing me to this job. I just have to say goodbye to designer life. 3years of skills put into 1month use. Good enough? At least no regret till now.

Virgin Trip to Universal Studio Sg.
Thanks jiaqi for the offer to USS with her blogger friends, Andy& Jinglong and her mum. We went there had lots of fun, somemore it's free! Andy & Jinglong are interesting people which i met on that day! :)

Best Drama of 2010.
It has to go to 'You're Beautiful'. Till now, i still missed watching the drama. I can't really remember whether '下一站幸福' belongs to 2010 drama, but if it is then it will be the best TAIWAN drama of 2010 & 'You're Beautiful' will be the best KOREAN drama of 2010! How nice it is? I'm RE-WATCHING '下一站幸福' on channel u every night now, so what do you think?

He's my New Love.
Of course it is Jang Geun Suk. Lee Min Ho has been replaced by Jang Geun Suk. I love his tied up hair & his cute smile. Why he wins Lee Min Ho? Because he can sings, that's all.

Best Presents Ever.
20 years old receiving gifts that are like 21st birthday. 2most wanted stuff that i will thought they will give me but yet i received it- Instax Wide & Burberry Watch :) More memorable, my dad giving me my present for like the first time?! The most awesome birthday for the past 20years :)

Most Expensive Meal.
Nearly $40 spent just on Dim Sum, not BUFFET Dim Sum for your info. Taste Paradise has awesome egg tarts, the best i've ever had! The most shocking bill, but definitely worth it :) It's a day without good camera anyway :(

Most Expensive Item I Bought.
Macbook Pro, definitely. It costs me around $1700 for it without adding those casing and whatever protection i bought after that. Still owe my dad this laptop money which i'm going to clear within 6months. I LOVE MY MACBOOK PRO! :)

First Timessss in BKK.
Took Tiger Airways to Bangkok this time, so first time stepping into Budget Terminal. Awesome trip with lots of photos and fun! There are a lot of first time going to new places, trying out new stuff during the trip! There's always a first time to any thing.

Best X'mas Celebration.
I used to stay around Orchard area to countdown, but i hate squeezing with the crowds and all the spraying stuff! This year had a little celebration at Timbre with very nice music. And is it telepathy that all of us bought presents for one another? I enjoyed that night :)

E n d  2 0 1 0   with   1 0 M o s t  M e m o r a b l e  P o s t s . . .

Hope you all enjoy your new year eve. Wishing everyone's new year resolution will come true.
I hoped mine will come true. I'll be sharing my new year resolution over my blog sooooon :)

g s i a n g , 再 见 2 0 1 0

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