Sunday, January 30, 2011

That simple dinner, simple fun :)

On a random Friday night, we went out to celebrate Weekiat's 21st birthday. It's a belated celebration for him. Maybe I shouldn't put it as celebration, it was more like a simple dinner and meeting up. Nevertheless, it's still a good one.

Firstly, have to congrats Singyee for getting her driving license after her 2nd try. 
Singyee, driver for the day :)

Weekiat, guide/ GPS for the day :)

It's was kinda funny when I get in the car, & Singyee asked me to put on seat belt! Hahaha :)
It was a very safe trip for that night & thanks Singyee for sending me home :)

East Coast Park's hawker for our ultra late dinner.

The table filled up with food! Yummy!

Done with dinner so where are we heading to now?
We wanted to go a place for ice cream/desserts... but it's already past 11pm.
Second location: Changi Airport

Weekiat checking out the way to get there.

Before leaving for Airport :)

A bit lost in the way, but luckily we still managed to get there!

Jelly Beans from Cocoa Trees! I still have some in my bag till now! Hahaha:)

Here's the place for dessert/ice cream, which is McDonald's! Hahaha :)
But in the end, none of us ordered dessert, we ordered drinks from McCafe instead.

Bought Weekiat a Topman shirt for him, hopes he liked it :) Nice?! 

Looked at what we found! 
This little cute antique childhood Chocolate that you can't find it in all the supermarkets or even most of the shops!
you can only find Kinder Joy now... 

The 'miniature' fries which turns out to be as tall as the Kinder Surprise! Isn't it supposed to be a MINIATURE, probably one that you can hang it on your phone?!

Singyee asking that McCafe guy to help us take group photo. And I seriously thinks that he is a hidden talent or some pro. photographer! 
Did anyone ask you whether you want it to be taken landscape or portrait? This guy did! 
And his long hair got a bit artistic kind of feel! Also check out the polaroid taken by him below. I think I can't even take quite centralized photo...! 

After we left McDonald's, we spotted this cute background and started camwhoring a bit.

Last photo before we left!

Here's the polaroid I've taken for Singyee & Weekiat. I gave them one each but the other one can't see the number 11 behind! I'm always not consistent in photos, but that also makes every single photo unique! Wahahaha! :)

This is the one that McCafe guy took for us! Quite centralized! 
Please ignore the cut off side for this photo. I've got some problem with scanning it.

That marks the end of that night which we eventually reached home around 3-4am!
Very soon, I'm gonna upload my eating trip at 2D1N Soju Bang!
Stay tuned to it!

g s i a n g , s i m p l e i s  B E S T

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