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Queueing for free tix for luge and skyride! Free stuff forever so many people..

Even entering to USS also soooo many people, need queue agn!

See the queue for Shrek4d!!! Really a lot of people but luckily it was fast! Cos one time they actually take in like abt 500ppl!!! Just like a cinema like that!
And there is even baby pram parking! I don't understand why they want bring children as in really small children that still needs the pram to USS! The weather is fcuking hot and long queue. Some rides the children can't even sit!

This is the amt of people you can see in the Shrek 4d ride... but this is just introducing the Shrek story to us... Haven't really go in yet!
And see the people really look like idiot wearing the specs when they are nt even in for the ride yet! That's only at the introduction part where there is no diff wearing or not wearing the specs la. And the person in front really think she in cinema like that sia! Still eating.... WHAHAHAH! This image is so damn funny la!
And I actually got scared by this image when I was looking through the photos!

We wear is just for the purpose of taking photos okays! We not so idiot! Hahahah!
Waiting for our waterboat ride!

I love all these super random and candid photos! I like the water effect at the side! Hahaha!

A bumpy ride!!! This boat can sits up to 9people! Shiok huh?!?!

This is the part where the boat goes up the lift!!! It's really dark.

All thanks to Jinglong, sacrificing helping us take photos! Hahahah!

After boat ride, we went to play Canopy Flyer to dry up ourselves! Video already upload on FB so not gonna upload here anymore. But it's a fast ride!

Photo taking sessions while waiting for our Waterworld show to start!!!

I seriously wanna try this one day when it reopens!!! Must be damn fun thou I know before going up sure a bit scared! Hahahah! But MUST TRY!

YEAH!!! My favourite show!!! In fact is the most amazing thing that I've seen at USS! The effects of the waterworld show is really fantastic! Cool ttm! I wanna watched it agn for sure!
Starting off.. there are still people who entertain us!!! Hahaha! And I'm in the splash zone! But luckily I nv get super wet! They normally attack ppl who are wearing poncho!!! Whahaha! Some kena pour one whole pail of water on them!
Here the show start!
This is the amazing part I'm talking abt plus the area for performing is not really super big also but they can make this kind of thing! I think is damn cool!
They also got like real explosions like that! Fire on the water that kind!

This is the lead actress and she is damn cool! She did quite a lot of stunts!

This is the lead actress and I think the lead actor! Cos too many male actor can't recognise and see clearly!

We actually choose this actor to take photo with him!!! He damn shuai okay! He got really huge and charming eyes! And see his abs la! Hahahah!

This place can let you wear diff hat and take pics! Ignore my ugly face! Hahahah! I think is so stupid! But fun!

USS also got performance everywhere! This is one of the performance, breakdance. But I'm nt so interested la! Hahahah!

This is really soooo not Singapore! I wanna go take Subway!!! :)

EYPT Area!!! We played the most thrilling ride of the day at the last! Hahahah! The mummy ride was fun! Hahahah! Is like you totally can't see the track and the train still got reverse one sia! Hahahah!

This person on 'gao qiao' one he looked damn scary and he totally won't smile!!! I tell you is really quite scary.. And I go make fun of him then he chased after me sia! Then I run like mad! Hahahah! Jiaqi and her mum also scared till run until super super far away! Hahahah:)

Okays! I guess that's the end of my post on USS! Enjoy the photos! I want to print some out! Hahahah! Keep as memory!

Today work damn suay. Call then all like not interested and I'm trying my best. But nvm! At least got one person interested la! But tmr need have 9 interested.. don't even know can a not! Hahaha! But happy thing is... tmr after work I can go meet my girlies at Farrer Park mrt for Rui Chun dim sum!!! Shiok ttm!

Today also quite happy! Cos I just add on Kose mask and toner to my collection! Whoohoo! They are joining my Bodyshop and Skinfood collection! My first two Kose product! Hope it's really good! And it's really cheap cos got sales! I tmr wanna get those sheet mask, 5 for $15! Hahahah!

Goodnight ppl, slping soon for best condition tmr! Gonna fight a war calling like crazy!

gsiang. help me fight the war!

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