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Bangkok 23 to 26 Oct 2010

It has been near to 2 months after i came back from bangkok...
And, i'm finally done with uploading pictures. It's really a hassle and i've gone through soooo much hard work to put this up here. 
Anway, it's gonna be a super ultra long post bombarded with lots of pictures.

Here we go...!
My first time taking Tiger Airways, first time stepping into budget terminal.
Really very budget. :(

We are like some illegal immigrant trying to run away or what. Hahaha:)

Yvonne's Sticky, the best sweet!

As usual, camwhore! EXCITED! :)

After abt 2 and 1/2hrs of flight, we reached BANGKOK!!! :)

This really sucks, my ear blocked for soooo damn long, making me feel very uncomfortable.
I'm just trying to make it unblock! Hahaha!

I'm excited! Hahaha :)

In cabby.

After a journey of another 30mins, we finally reached our hotel: Budacco :)
It's really a nice experience staying there.
Nice of them to serve us drink when we reached, to quench our thirst! :)

Pink mini lobby.

Their INITIAL blue room.

But... in the end change to purple room because the blue room got ants!
In return, they got a bigger and nicer room! Check it out!...

Mine and Karen's room, our green room :)

Simple and nice :)

It's just a walking distance from Budacco to Platinium Mall. So without resting much, we walked to Platinium. On our way there, we already saw sooo much things we wanted! But our plan for that day is CHATUCHAK!
So....we keep our temptation to the next day.

Went to Platinium's food court to have our lunch before heading to Chatuchak.

The card for you to buy food!

Kway Chap, super nice! :)

Beef Noodle, very nice also, but really too salty..

Oyster Egg

Waiting for cabby.

Here we are at Chatuchak, but still a bit lost so have to ask around for the way to get there.

Asking directions.

Chatuchak is super duper hot! Really have to tie up hair... Bring a fan next time! :)

While waiting for Yvonne ...

Now you can see how sunny & hot it is over there! Eating icepop, super old school kinda food.

Karen and her Rila umbrella!

Chris having icepop as well! :)

Sooooo hot! 


Grass jelly with a few choices of flavours. Milk tea, Chocolate, Coffee... 
Not bad, quite nice! :)

End of Chatuchak.
It's my first time going Chatuchak. There's a lot of things to buy but just that it's really too hot over there.

Cab back to hotel :) AIRCON!

Rest awhile and it's around evening time so we went down to find some food along the streets.
They have nice food around. Walked along Citin Hotel and you can find the nice food! :)

Chicken Wing. This is not the super nice one that i had when the first time i went BKK but still quite alright.

I love the Corn!!! It's really sweet! :)
Best of all is... it's cut so you don't have to bite it! 

Banana Pancake! Nice also! It's like prata with banana and egg plus condensed milk... nice right?
Looking at it now...i'm missing it too! :(

This stall sells all kind of BBQ food. Nice too! I like the sausage, very fat! :)

See! Nice right? 

We are in cab again, and where are we heading to? ...


There's nothing much here actually. The main thing we did is Fish Spa! Hahahaha:)
My first experience again!
It's really so ticklish! OMG! Even till now, i see those pictures, i can still rmb that feeling!

My leg is invaded by fishes! 

Chris is the most daring! She puts both her legs in first and she even puts her hand!

Useless Yvonne! See that number of fishes around her foot! Super little can?! Pathetic! Hahahhah! :)

Karen didn't want to do it, so just 3 of us and it's really nice!
It's very effective. My legs feel soooo smooth after that! Good!

Hungry! Time to have dinner! :)
Have it at Suan Lum's hawker. The food there is not really nice, except for the pizza.

I can't rmb what's this. I guess it shld be Phadthai

TomYum soup.


End of Day 1.

Always start your day with breakfast! :) 
We filled our stomach before going for a shopping war!
As always, Platinium Food court :)

This is funny! Karen & I saw it and we said, 'Wtf, must take down!'

Tired Yvonne.

All tired, so sit down awhile to have a cup of drink at Black Canyon. It seems famous at Platinium, because always see it around the mall.

We are really tired, the shopping bag is getting heavier and heavier. Yvonne still not giving up.. looking at some .....?! don't know what clothes is that!

Finally! Tutu back hotel and tutu to Central World! :)
My first time to Central World!

See that 20 baht paper there?! Freaking cheap can? It's like only 80cents!
Yvonne & I become auntie again~

All the beautiful hairclips we looking at!

After some time shopping outside Central World, bought some hair accessories and shades before stepping into Central World!
Tadah! Here we are at Central World :)


And our main purpose here is.... 

Christmasy feel.

See how big is their Naraya! And really cheap and cute stuff there!

There's Charles & Keith also.

Even Skin Food... and there's Face Shop, Tony Moly too!

Internal joke of me and Yvonne :)

Central World is cool. They even have an ice skating ring in the shopping mall!

Came out of Central World, continue shopped at outside.
Buying itouch, iphone casing! :) Cheap deals like SGD$4 only.

Tutu back hotel :)

End of Day 2.

Another day and starting off our day with Japanese Food.
This is Karen's Strawberry Juice and my Watermelon Juice at the back.
My Watermelon Juice is super sweet & nice! Slurp~!

Chawamushi, everyone's favourite :)

Omg! I love Bacon with Enoki! But this is a little too much fats from the bacon!

Tako Ball, not the best definitely.


That's all the photos we have taken at this Jap Restaurant because they don't allow photo taking, BOOS:(

Shopping and lunch hour again, and it's Platinium Food Court again!
This stall sells nice stuff. It's just like that BBQ stall i showed earlier on, but just that this time they fried the food instead off BBQ it. It comes with nice thai sauce! :)

Must try!!! Crepe! Cheap 45baht = SGD$2! 
They also have another kind of crepe with egg, ham, tuna towards the salty side of filling. It's just selling right beside this 'sweet' crepe stall. That one is nice too!!!
I must always have my crepe with ice cream! That's my banana with chocolate ice cream crepe! :)

Some seafood with egg thing. Quite nice also :)

Done with Platinium and off we go to Union Mall!
But before going to Union Mall, we are going to another nearby shopping mall for Naraya first. And i can't rmb the name for that shopping mall! Hahahaha :)

It's Naraya again! :)

It's evening time- 18:44, we are hungry!
These few days in BKK when we are hungry, it's Starbucks time!!!
That's Chris's receipt anyway. They have super nice muffin! And i'll have my Java Chips!

Now it's Union Mall time! It just a bridge away from the previous mall!

Where are we walking to? Yvonne is there looking at those cute little stuff already!

Tadah! This is the stall that i must go everytime when i go BKK.
They sell super cute stuff! I bought a lanyard for myself & Singyee over there.

See those cute hp pouch! And that's my hand choosing lanyard!!!

Ice cream Mochi :)

In cabby. Where are we going this time?

We are going to their 'Chinatown' for our dinner!
Chinatown is like the only place seeing Thais speaking Mandarin.
Anyway, it is a place for seafood/ 'zi char'.

Our Food :)

This is extremely nice with that sauce! Fried prawns! Super crunchy :)

Dong Fen Salad, ordered the wrong choice :((

Fried Rice.

Curry Crab, but the crab is shredded kind. In the end wasted, cos not very nice.
Should order those whole crab. Blame it all on our laziness!

Ordered another Dong Fen! This is the right one but still not as nice as the other restaurant one. That restaurant is right down along the street from this zi char stall... More exp but much nicer!

Yummy Tom Yum soup! I always love milky colour Tom Yum soup! It's always nicer! :)

Traditional Coke bottle!

Dessert?! Hahaha! Let's have bird nest! My first time drinking!
Not bad, sweet sweet one! 

Back hotel, and it's our last night there soooooo...

time to take picture of all the things we bought!
Chris bought the most for herself!

Karen's. She bought a lot of things for friends...all the Naraya stuff. Clothes she bought quite a lot and mostly all for herself.

Mine, okay i know it's quite little! Hahaha! And didn't buy a lot for friends also!

Had a good rest and next day early morning we have to check out, leave our luggage at the lobby and continue with last round of shopping!!!

Off we go! 


My last round of Kway Chap!!! But don't know why is it not nice!!! I'm sad :( 

Shark Fin Soup! We should have buy this every single time we eat at Platinium Food Court!
It's delicious and cheap! :)

That day was super rushing and we all went different ways in pairs and shopped for all those stuff that we want!!!
See!!! Last minute but bought so much things! It's fucking heavy! And i even bought 2bags on that day! Really last minute! And luckily i brought my Adidas big bag with me, so i just dumped all my stuff in that bag and carry it!

Back hotel, stuffing all the things we just bought into our luggage!

I still order Carbonara for my lunch, cos i'm really hungry.
While waiting for it to be cooked, Yvonne & me went out to the streets to buy mango and cup noodles! Hahahah! 

Our luggages!

Our last photo at Budacco.

My polariod went crazy and took some eerie photo, but this is nice!

Bye Budacco...

Reached Airport!

We had our dinner here!

We are back, Singapore! :)

That's the whole journey of my second Bangkok trip with Chris, Yvonne & Karen.
Nice trip, had fun! :)
A lot of first time experiences.
Anw, there are a whole chunk of camwhoring in Yvonne & Chris hotel room on the last night. But it's too much to upload it to here... It's all on Fb.
And... i know there are a few photos which are pixelated. I've got no idea what went wrong.
But i really want to post it please ignore those pixelated images.

Bye people, gonna have my dinner now.
g s i a n g , l o n g e s t p o s t ?

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