Friday, May 28, 2010

End of Designer life :) :(

Today is the last day of work at DP Group. I'm happy yet a bit sad too!
Happy cos I no need to think of all the design stuff or stress over design work anymore. Sad is I don't know if I made the right choice to leave and thou' I only work for a month but still a bit 舍不得 to leave. Today is consider the most slack day for me cos its my last day so just tidy up everything and do whatever necessary stuff.
Took pictures of the office! It's gonna be part of my memory. 3yrs of skills put into use for 1mth! Will I still be using my interior skills I have learnt into use one day? So this is the office. Pretty small but cozy!

Corridor, straight then go toilet! Hahaha!
My desk! Filled with so many samples of diff materials and books all for reference!
What a messy table I have! This is designer life! Whahahah!

I can seriously tell you ppl that I've nv been so relax since the first day I stepped into design line. Everyday worried abt things, stressing everyday. But today I'm totally relaxed and tell Boss personally what I'm thinking and why I quit. Boss and the son really quite good and willing to teach us, but too bad I still gotta leave. Bye, DP Group.

One month is enough to let me feel the stress and how hard it is to be a designer. Good luck to future designer out there!

After work, went to Orchard to meet Karen, Fennie and Chris for sales!!! Mphosis sales is here agn! Plus heard Taka got sales for Coach and Burberry plus other branded stuff up to 30% off! But in the end it's only 10% plus you need to be a Taka member! So nt too good deal for me! But anw Mphosis sales has always been a major love to me and rest of my friends! And this time round is the first time nt buying slippers! I bought clothes! I believe my mum might wash until got hole agn after a few times but I still wanna buy or else nv buy like damn wasted sia. So total spent : $61.20!!! 3 items only! But there is this skirt that I really like! Hahaha! Shiok sia buy things make me happy!

Everyone bought stuff! Good:) Satisfied.
After all the buying and shopping, went to have dinner at Cineleisure. Today is like damn shiok lo. Relax, no need worry abt work anymore, have new clothes!

I guess I'm really tired today. I fall asleep in the bus and I almost fall off my seat when I dozed off! Super paiseh! Then Chris msg me, as I was replying her, I don't know why I blur blur then nv pressed the bell to stop the bus! When I rmb need press, the bus already gone pass my hse bus stop, at Bishan ITE already. Then I took the bus to interchange then take bus hm agn! WTH sia, this kind of thing nv happen before lo... I like super sian la...
Anw, tmr gonna be a fitness day! Going Yishun Safra for gym and swimming! Shiok! Hope the swimming pool please close later than 7pm! Time is too short!

Okays, that's all for the day. I think I wanna change blogskin soon... did I say this like weeks ago?! Hahaha! I really wanna change but kinda lazy. Bye people, gonna get bk to surfing net and slping soon!
gsiang. back to the happy me! :)

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