Friday, December 31, 2010

Besties, you're a firework

Remember my previous little sneak preview for Christmas? If you haven't read it, you can always read it here! But anyway, here's the photos!

@Sushi Tei, my favourite place for udon

Happy  me &jiaqi :)

Together with us, singyee&weekiat.

Singyee's present for us!

Just in case you don't know what is this...(just like me, when i received it)
This is actually a cup cover to keep your drinks warm or any dirt from entering! Extremely cute & useful for an OL like me&jiaqi :)

This cute little ribbon is mine! :)

Beautiful nails! Whahaha :)

Salmon sushi, i tried this and i still think the salmon very tasteless and slimy! whahha :)

My favourite chocolate ice cream waffle :)

As we were walking to Timbre @substation...

@T i m b r e .
camwhore while waiting

Me&my not-so-nice drink :(

the awesome band for that awesome night

finally, vonne&zm reached!

vonne giving pressies! :)

we said that we are not gonna exchange gifts.
in the end....see what we've got?! 

Everyone bought for one another present. Is this telepathy? Hahahaha :)

My besties :)

vonne wanted us to take photos outside.... 
we kinda like having a photoshoot outside Timbre :)

i like this, candid :) thanks to weekiat! he becomes the scene photographer while we were taking photos using jiaqi's holga :)

That's all we have from singyee's camera.
Excited to see what we have for polariod?

My polariod is super hard at catching the correct angle. Some super left, some super right..but whatever it is, the photos are still awesome! Hahahaha :)

X' M A S  Party is o v e r.

There's gonna be another party up for tonight, but definitely just a simple one.
I've got to go bathe and dress up! Bye.
It's gonna be 2011 in another 7& 1/2 hrs people, enjoy your last bit of 2010!

g s i a n g , l o v e 2 0 1 0 o r n o t ?

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