Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's finally a Saturday and how long have I been away from my blog again?
I'm just gonna bombard this post with words.

Changing from design to a totally different and strange job.
So far, still not that bad, just that I really need chiong for the sales, which is the sian part. Got to hit my $2m this month.. Kinda sian. One thing which I really wanna complaint is just that, boss keep on say no sales then I still leave office on time... I heard this from him like 3times liao.. but I don't really care, I still go off on time almost everyday. Hahahah:) But always hear this from him, always spoilt my mood... so can I have more sales cos I seriously wanna go home on time! There is nothing much to say abt this... but I can always meet a lot of weird people! Hahaha! But sometime I'm still kinda sad that I'm not doing interior base job. How long can I stay in this company?

And one thing I realise abt myself...
Once I hate a person or don't like this person, I'm serious. Hate until if I have a choice, I wouldn't even want to know you as my 'friend'. Currently, there are 2 people in my list! Hahaha! But I'm not gonna say out who they are. When I seriously don't like that person, the person's character really got problem. Hahahah:) Trust me, the people I hate are seriously irritating TTM!!! You can never stand them. If you know them, you will sure complaint abt them! Hahahah:)
Influenced by Chris, Yvonne and Fennie, I went to watch 'You're Beautiful'...
It's a really nice drama. A bit meteor garden plus hana kami/kimi style. Hahahah:) I'm so addicted to the drama. I now left with 3eps and I'm leaving it to tmr cos I scared I can't stop watching if I continue...

I think Jang Geun Suk is quite charming and cute in that show. But I think he not really handsome... is the eye liner that makes him looks cool! Hahaha:) I think leeminho still better! Jeremy is damn cute in that show... really like a monkey sia. Hahaha. As for the other guy, I'm don't really care.. He is not handsome nor charming. Hahaha:) But overall, this show is really nice and funny!!!
Okay, that's all for now cos I'm really tired and guess I don't want go swimming tmr liao. Damn lazy plus so many things to do. I need to transfer money for my mask and I'm in no mood to transfer it tonight! Hahaha:) Bye readers.
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