Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's not a Sunny day like usual.

It's definitely not the best day for kite flying, but not the worse either.
It seems to me that kite flying should always be on an ultra hot&sunny day, where everyone just can't see their kites unless they put on their sunglasses....
On 2nd of January, a day without sun, we went Kite Flying at...

Marina Barrage


Christina, the main character of the day

Nevertheless, there is always food to go along...

I brought Hotdogs.

Chris&Fennie made Sushi.

They bought Pizza as well.

Ah Ma made Popcorn Chicken.

Yvonne made Ham&Cheese Sandwiches & ....

Egg Sandwiches.

Not chilled drinks & potato chips.

Ok, I'm super hungry at that point of time!

Together with us, Yvonne, Ah Ma & Fennie.

Done eating... then it's time to fly kite! :)

That freaking string is making me crazy on that day! I need my roller string badly.
But luckily, Chris lend me her roller string to fly my kite since her kite is spoilt.

They cam-whored quite a bit while I'm alone flying my kite...
I'm a FA Kite Flyer! Hahahaha :) 
*Karen, please come fly kite with me!*

I joined in after awhile for photo-taking session.

The wind was really strong on that day. Yvonne just love eating hair! Yummy-licious huh?
I love this photo, Happy me :)

We spammed on our polariod :)

Nice shot, with nice scenery. 5people with 1pathetic sotong kite!

That marked the end of our kite flying cum picnic session, but not the end of the day.

It's dinner time!
We were all still quite full after all the food we ate earlier on, so just went to Bakerzin and order a pasta to share and a soup for everyone.
Rayne came to join us, anw the whole day event was to celebrate Chris's 22nd Bday.
She never like sweet stuff, but sorry ah.. too last min, cakes left with those quite sweet type.
So in the end we get her a dessert box from Bakerzin. 

Benefit products for her! Eye cream, Foundation & Tint :)
Cute packaging.
To our dearest 'Da Tou'!

Anw, the dessert box was quite alright, other than their Caramel ice cream! It sucked! Caramel is suppose to be so sweet & nice, but turned out to be bitter! :(
But their desserts are really exp. We order Creme Brulee & another strawberry dessert, both taste really nice but each cost around $10?! For quite a small serving.

That's the end for that day. I'm lagged by 2weeks for all these posts.
I'm gonna upload KL trip soon followed by Weekiat's 21st belated bday dinner/celebration.
Please be patience :)

g s i a n g ,   k i t e f l y i n g + p i c n i c  .

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