Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Presents for 20th Bday!

I really had a fruitful birthday for this yr! Below are the presents received and really thanks to all friends who contributed! I think all your pockets are burnt! Whahaha! :)
Thanks Madeleine for the chocolate you bought from Genting!

I told my mum I wanted a pendant and she really get one for me! Whoops! Anw, this is a special pendant that can be wear it in 7different ways.

My beloved Burberry watch! I'm longing for a black watch and aim this for damn long already! In the end really shock that the girls bought it for me! And the Hello Kitty bag will become my breakfast/lunch bag  :)

Lastly, the super hard to find Instax210! Besties all had a hard time finding and last piece found at Woodlands, Causeway Point. It's gonna be my Baby! :)

Shots for the day! I'm gonna explore more and buy more films, sticker to decorate my polariod and a polariod album! :)

Last Last Last, my dad bought me Clinique Happy perfume which I really love it! Whahaha! I'm damn shocked that my dad bought me a present bcos it's like the first time him giving me a present. I forgot to take a close up picture of it.. :(

Anyway, actually I'm suppose or wanted to blog about the day out on 29Aug, which I went for breakfast and Biokskin workshop with Jiaqi, but in the end the photos were so not centralise and I close the thing and all the pictures I've uploaded were gone. Siannn max, so blog about the pressies first! There are a lot more to come. More or less the pictures for the celebration are up on Facebook, however for the picnic pictures some are not uploaded so gonna upload those. Selective photos will be upload! :)

Goodnight people, there's still work for me tmr.

gsiang, neverbeenbetter

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