Monday, January 24, 2011

Getaway to Kuala Lumpur

My little getaway trip to Kuala Lumpur on 8 & 9 Jan

I reached on time, in fact slightly earlier than 7am (agreed time to reach) at Golden Mill.
Called Chris- 'Just left hse.'
Called Rayne- 'Otw to fetch Fify (which is at Tampines).'
I'm FOREVER ALONE again. Hahahaha!

Board coach at 7.30am with 8others which includes Rayne, Chris, Fify, F's date- Safuan, R's b- Andy & his another 3 friends.
After like 1hr plus of journey, the coach stopped at a eating place so we all had Ramly Burger which is forever yummy! :)

Finally reached after 6hrs of journey, and I hold on to my pee for like nearly 2hrs!!!
Rushed to the toilet once reached.

First place we headed to is......

Super CNY deco welcoming us!
Pavilion Mall is just like ION, Paragon or any typical Singapore shopping malls with all those high end shops. But I still felt excited about going there! 

Great Sunny Day :)

Rayne's B & his friends

I don't know what's so special abt Pavilion Mall food court but when I asked the hotel receptionist for food recommendation, she said Pavilion food court! Fify intro us to eat here as well. Perhaps it's all halal and more choices. The food was alright but it's a really huge food court! :)

Andy & Safuan

After lunch, we went to Sungei Wang which is suppose to have a lot of things to buy...
but we ended up not enjoying ourselves there shopping. Things were soooo much overpriced!
It's Bangkok stocks ok?! And selling it at RM 60 plus?! I think I can get it from blogshops at ard that price or even cheaper? So, what's the point of me shopping there right? 

I saw this cropped top which I liked, but it cost RM55 (equals to abt S$25)... I just can't bare to pay this amt for just a CROPPED top!
Cheapest & reasonable stuffs to buy are like ard RM25 for like maxi dress and some simple dresses which you can find at Bugis Street, maybe selling ard $10-$12. 

After wasting some time at Sungei Wang, all are tired and went to this Jackie Chan's Cafe to rest.

Reason why we choose this place to rest?
Comfy resting area with big cushions!
And the guys are really tired, cos they didn't sleep the previous sleeping time for them.

Fify, Safuan, Chris & me went to shopped around while they are resting.
We went to shopped at Fahrenheit and finally bought a wristlet at Vincci. And, that's also the LAST & ONLY thing I bought from this KL trip.

Realised why I didn't talked abt our hotel since the start of this post?
That's because the rooms are not ready when we reached, except for Fify's room, so all of us dumped our bags in Fify's room and went out. It's ard dinner time and all of us decided to go back hotel to check in first.

Hotel: Piccolo Hotel
Location: Directly besides Lot10
You can find at least 3 shopping malls around that area, all 5-10mins walking distance.
Abt 15-20mins walk to Berjaya Times Square
Price: ~S$90-$95
More info for this hotel, click here.

This is Rayne's room. Slightly different from my room. She has an circular sink area and their room are slightly bigger too.

The hotel is really very comfortable. Rooms are huge & what I really liked is their strategic location!
Super convenient! And they also provide hair dryers in the drawers which you don't even have to bother to request. Four pillows for two people, no need snatch or request for more! In the fridge, you can find FREE mineral water too! Highly recommended if you are going for a KL trip! :)

Snapping a few photos before moving on to Forever 21 at Pavilion Mall.

Pavilion Mall is sooo much nicer at night! :)

You should know where is this without me telling you...

After shopping at Forever21, we went to get cakes which is highly recommended on LadyIronChef.
A Slice of Heaven

Looked at the varieties! I hope I can buy one each!

Everyone were famished! We went to a seafood/zi char place recommended by an uncle.

The journey was a really long one... we used nearly an hour to locate the place because...
Do you know why by looking at the two photos above?
If you don't know, let me tell you... because it's MEI KENG FATT & NOT MAKE ME FATT!

When we reached, quickly ordered food and opened up our cakes that we bought from A Slice of Heaven...

Below 2 images were taken very with very lousy quality, no idea why it is like that either. Please bare with it.

The cakes are really quite nice and they are not exp. Each cost around S$3-4 only.

Check out our table before food were served.

While waiting, we had our cakes and snapped snapped snapped! :)

Check out all the food we had!
Food were quite alright, but not to the extent of super yummy. BUT, it's really cheap! We thought the bill would be around RM300-400plus, but turned out to be RM270 only! And everyone started saying....
'SO CHEAP??!!' Hahahaha :)

That's the end of Day One.

Breakfast to start our Day Two.
This day main place is just Berjaya Times Square, which I've been dying to go.
Sad to say that due to time & convenience, we had Mc Donald's for breakfast.

Had a really light breakfast like just 5nuggets because of the Indoor Theme Park!

Not really sooo many rides, but it's worth trying & going. Anyway, it's not very expensive. I think the ticket costs RM46.
Tickets Bought.

Tickets Wore.

Bags Locked.

And, there we go!!!

We didn't really played all, in fact I only played 2 rides plus Bumper Car.
Bumper Car is fun!!! We played like 4times?!

Shopped at Berjaya Times Square for like pathetic 15mins and we had to rushed back to hotel to check out and go to the KL coach terminal.
Group photos before we left!

Snap snap, while waiting for cabby to come...

That's all and shall just end off with a picture collage of me&Chris.
We took a lot more pictures in the hotel, these are just a few of them....

Goodnight readers, I'm rushing off to bed!

g s i a n g , K L  a g a i n ?

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