Wednesday, December 08, 2010

M A C B O O K is love.

M A C B O O K  P R O is here!

Come and take a look how different it is from normal laptop!

Simple box design! So can clearly see what I buy!

DA-TUH! Here it is!
There is still a soft black sponge attached to the box to prevent scratches or any bumps on it's way to here. Quite thoughtful! :)

First pg of the manual. And Yes, we were made for each other! Hahahaha :)

Now, I've got the RIGHT casing! 
Anw, I'm not trying to show off I've got a macbook pro instead of a macbook over here.
Just that I had bad experience getting the right casing, alright?

Yeah, my sexy red Mac!

This is the part I'm angry!
Firstly, I should buy the silver palm guard instead of the white one, cos it looks funny now leaving that silver part empty. I do have the white part for that, but the person said it will lessen the sensitivity of the touchpad, so I didn't want to paste it.
And, worse of all, seeing it from far is perfectly fine, but once you start using, the sticker actually sticks to the lower part of the touchpad making it a little hard to right click it! And if you see clearly, it's a little slanted, and the palmguard itself is a little longer!

Whatever it is, anw it's in white now and it will definitely gets black in no time.
Then i'll change to the silver one.

Total damage:
Screen protector : $26
Keyboard cover: $26
Palmguard: $29
Red Casing: $74
Adding up to....$155!

The first 3 items are with disc and that because i wanted that red casing instead of the pink one so I can't have the discount! I bought it at BEST instead of epic centre!

Anyway, i just want to share that.. 
Mac is really better than Windows.
Working much faster when switching on and off the laptop
Mac has got iPhoto which i can just edit pictures from there.
And i love the touchpad. Now i don't really need a mouse.
There are a lot more cool stuff for me to explore. Hahahaha :)

One last thing to share,
I actually bought it online. If you have any friends/cousins or family who is studying in a university, you can ask them to help you get it at a student price. I got mine at $1648, plus a free HP printer!
You have to fork out a $199 for that printer, BUT they will refund you the money later, so it's FREE!
And if you don't need it, sell it to your friend at any price you like, and you can use that money to buy whatever accessories you like. 
If you buy your Mac from May to September, you will be given a free iPod touch as well! So you can do the same thing, sell it and earn money! If not, leaving it for yourself is a good idea too!

Go get your MAC nowwww!

g s i a n g , M A C i s g e n i u s .

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