Sunday, November 28, 2010

Taste Paradise

On a beautiful Saturday morning, Yvonne, Rayne and myself woke up especially early and headed to Taste Paradise, located at Ion Ochard level 4.

yes, just the 3 of us! and it's pefect to go in group of 3 because most of the dim sum are serve in 3 pieces.

Here's Rayne taking orders for us!

very atas cutlery

unique teapot, nice to pour with it.

$11.40 Chrysanthemum tea!

Best Egg Tart i've ever had

Cha Siew Sau 

Mango Prawn

Cha Siew Chee Cheong Fun

Juicy Custard Bun

Xiao Long Bao

Please don't order this: Scallop with egg white..(can't rmb the exact name)

Cha Sau Bao

Cod Fish Ball

Har Kau and some Pumpkin pastry  

Siew Mai

Ee Fu Mian with shredded duck -$18
one plate served for 4, so if you do the calculation, it's actually $4.50 for that one small pathetic bowl.

lastly, of course it's dessert
Mango Pudding-$5

the SHOCKING bill!

satisfied faces from that freaking exp but nice meal

Now time for reviews:

Must try: Egg tart and Custard bun :)
Egg tart is definitely times better than what TungLok have. Custard bun is very soft and it's juicy inside!
Don't try: Scallop with egg white thingy, Chee Cheong Fun :(
The Scallop with egg white totally can't taste scallop. It is just basically egg white with some smooth translucent skin. Chee Cheong Fun skin a little thick, the sauce and chee cheong fun doesn't mixed tgt.

Har Kau, Siew Mai, Cha Sau Pau, Xiao Long Pau is like typically the kind of food everyone will order when having Dim Sum. All these are quite alright, very safe choice of food! :)

Price: Definitely more exp than normal Dim Sum. Nth cheap can be found at ION pls... but definitely worth it to give it a try. And i'll go again to have my favorites and keeping my budget not above $30!

This round cost us each $39! Super ex! And please take note, their tea is not free flow i think. On the receipt it stated 3 quantity but i'm not sure it is referring to 3 people or we actually refilled 3times? But anyway the tea itself is already very exp!

That's all for my Taste Paradise reviews, now it's your turn to go try out!

g s i a n g , d i m s u m i s l o v e

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