Friday, May 01, 2009

Finally got one pathetic picture in my blog. Hahaha.
Took it ystd when we go to Bugis.
Today was presentation for our research on our FYP.
So sucks... I'm so lost for words when Rostina asked so many question which I can't even understand. 'Design element... Space design..??!!' Everything seems so alien to me. I guess she might not even understand what I really want to do. And bcos of all this, we need to complete a model, 3D drawings and etc by tuesday. I totally got no idea how am I going to do it. And like where the hell can I get the floor plan & the dimensions? Damn it! This is going to drive me crazy. I thought it was meant to be a holiday for me tmr, yet I need to rush my work. And not solely just this project that I need to do, still got aircraft. Hell man....
I need to have a idea of a mixture of something that Rostina& Sannie insisted plus Something which I want!!! Is my FYP! I don't want to screw it up! Pls.. tell me how shld I go abt doing this & at the same time meeting the requirement? Feeling troubled, really.
Tonight supposingly meeting Singyee late night, but in the end it was cancelled. But still manage to met Vonne, Zm & Qi for dinner at Cine, Coke Red Lounge. Chat, shop & went diff ways hm.
But.... before I went hm, me &Qi went to have a cup of ice cream. Ilove Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream! Hahah. It was expensive but made me happy! Hahaha. At least forget some of the work I need to do at that moment! Haha.
Came hm watched Ah Zai, after tonight rest, tmr wake up, gonna do work!!! Pls, give me the power to do work!
That's all for today. I'm tired as well.
gsiang. andilove IceCream& FishBakedRice:)

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