Thursday, May 07, 2009

My inlove Longchamp bag! It is going to cost like $250 inclusive of customising my name on the bag! This is crazy! I like the blue &red colour de, which is also myfirstchoice of colours. Then the second one I also think nice which is made by Ah Ma de. If I have the money, I will definitely get it. I really liked it.. When can I own this Longchamp bag?

Finally got a bit of time to blog and also finally reached this pg for blogging. My internet connection is super slow!

This few days really tired. Sleep 3-4hrs each day. Having been staying in sch or going out of sch to do research. But lucky show to S&L already, so continue developing...
But that's not the end, I still have layout of aircraft to be handed in tmr. Luckily is just layout that I have to do, or else it will be another sleepless night.
That's abt it, I'm tired agn, going slp!
gsiang. andilove chocolateEclair:)
*AMK food fair is selling Ritz Struddel &myChocolateEclair*

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