Saturday, May 09, 2009

I'm fcuking boring la... Don't know what to do sia. Everytime like that de lo. Pass few days very busy then suddenly very free, then don't know what I shld do. I spend like half an hr editing all these pictures, Oh damn bored:(

My whole series of Faceshop nail polish. I lost one of the red one...I think I bring to sch then lost le! Hahaha. Anyway, so got one new member join in today! The new Gold colour nail polish which I found at Faceshop today. There's actually 3new colour but I don't like the other 2. Attention to AHMA: I THINK YOU WILL LIKE THIS COLOUR LEH! HAHAHA:)
&I love my whole collection of nail polish! I feel like collecting other brands de liao, cos Faceshop no more colour I like le. I want OPI ones, but too ex to collect! Hahah:)
Back to today activities....
Rostina was not in sch for whole morning, so our class rules the World! HAHAHA... Everybody started playing Crazy Taxi!!! 'Diong Diong Diong', the whole class is filled with Crazy Taxi sound! Hahah. And I think I lazy to challenge with them le, so crazy. Hahah:)
Afternoon present my studio to Sannie and he APPROVED! When there is a ROOF, everything seems okay! Hahaha. But at least I liked my site &they approved. Overall, Sannie also got provide some ideas which I think not bad ones, can consider de. Hahaha.
After sch met up with Vonne, Qi &Singyee, slacked and have dinner. Short meet up cos all of us are busy with our own stuff.
I got to stop spree-ing! Pls stop me.
gsiang. andilovetoo manythings.

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