Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today went to school late.
Went to National Museum:)
So it was really big as compared to other museums and it feels like Changi Airport T3. Hahah:)
It is also more high tech with the usage of those machines.
Something I like over there is the swinging chandelier (not sure of the spelling).
I think is so cool &nice. So, a picture of it...

We also saw this designer, Verner Panton's work. Our main purpose there is to see his work as well. I don't know abt him until today. I think the most impressive one is the 'Phantasy Landscape Visiona 2'. It is really nice sitting in it. In order to go in to this exhibition space, we got to remove our shoes & also need to wear one 'plastic socks' and sanitise our hands first. They really took good care of the exhibition. So here is a picture of the exhibition..

Wanna go there??!! Hahah:)

There are also fashion design exhibitions which I am impressed by the way the clothings are exhibit. They actually have a very thin layer of net to prevent people from touching the displays. From far, you can't see the net at all, is only when you walk until very near and wanted to see the displays clearer than you will see the net! Hahah:)

There are a lot other photos with Fify, when get it from her then upload here. That's all for today. And I finally watched finish all the shows that I'm suppose to watched for this week. Hahah:) All at one go. Now gonna arrange my computer stuff before sleeping! Bye:)

gsiang. andiloveVernerPantondesign:)

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