Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've been busy with sch work these two days.
Monday just started sch, as in after a weekend, and I stayed in sch till 10pm. Damn tired. And somemore monday whole day I didn't even log in to Facebook in sch. Then when reached hm, bathe, turned on lappy & continue with Rhino agn. Life is so damn boring. And slept at 1am cos really tired. Then today reached sch, rushing for Rhino and stuff. Was told to do many things last minute that we didn't even have time for lunch or break. We only go for lunch at 1.30pm.
So everybody seems freaking pissed off, bad mood &stuff going on...
After rushing everything, presentation. Everything like need to change and refine. And time is really tight, got to think a lot..
So today left sch at abt 6.15pm. Consider early as compared to Monday. Then suddenly felt there is a lot of time. Hahaha. Watched finish whatever shows I'm watching for this week. Now is like only 11.15pm, so still have some time before I slp, shall go think of aircraft seat before I slp, although I'm feeling sleepy now.
I think I'm getting weaker, I don't know why I am getting tired so easily which I don't like. Sucks man... Like can't do much things. But might be good on the other hand, cos going attachment and I think I shld get used to slping & waking up early. Hahah:)
Now go do my stuff. Bye.
gsiang. andilove sleeping.

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