Sunday, April 26, 2009

After today, tonight's sleep, tmr pls let me have the power to work.
I don't want to slack& not doing work!!!
Tmr got to finish all the models that I've to show to S&L.
Today went with Chris to take photos of her site, which is at Fort Canning, ROM there.
The weather is freaking hot, I know so I put sunscreen and all the protection on my face le... And the sun is like melting my bb cream lo!!! Hahaha. And today I actually wake up earlier at 12pm. Hahah:) Cos got postman knocked on my door! And it's my Skinfood BB Cream. Hahaha:) Today first time try it, it is better than Shills de. Not so fair, and more absorbing! Hahah.
Then, we walked really a far& long journey before we finally reached ROM. When we reached, we just realised that we have been walking so many wasted journey.... It is nearer to City Hall than PS.... And I got bitten by mosquitoes for 8times!!!! I think one mosquito bite me first, then it calls their family member come bite me also!!! My poor legs! Those blood type B de be careful ohhh... Mosquitoes like B blood!!! Hahah
Slacked& finally cool ourselves down at Marina Sq, then went to my site, Esplanade to take some pictures agn.
Chris is super lucky, today she saw 3 couples taking marriage photos!!! 1pair at Fort Canning. The other 2 at Esplanade area, somemore all different races de! Hahah.
Then we bused hm.
Bye, Gonna do some other things& tonight going to slp in parents' room, too hot for me to slp in my own room cos no air con! I want a AIR CON pls....
gsiang. andilove somanythings.
Crunchy Shrimp
Strawberry Stick
Kinder Bueno
Gucci Wallet
Zipia Bag
Zipia Skirt
but I hate Chucky, watched Seed of Chucky, scary:(

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