Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have a lot of things to blog about from like Sunday, Vonne sis's 21bday celebration till today, mid crit for aircraft.
There's too much things going on these few days.
Anyway, so Sunday was Eileen's bday celebration at Downtown East. So went there, had quite a lot of fun. Bbqing the whole night for practically everyone. Hahah. But I'm not doing a lot la. Hahaha. Then after everyone left, back to me, Singyee, Vonne & Zm, we were crazy, playing crazy games, drank beer....& slept at 1pm, all dead tired.
So Monday, thanks to Phoebe for driving me to school.
Work on aircraft whole day till 6plus.
Tuesday, worst.
We stayed back in sch and do till 12plus midnight. And cabbed hm.
Reached hm, continue to do aircraft.
It's the first time I fell asleep while doing my things.
While waiting for the 2d drawings to be done, I need to wait for maybe 20min to 45min.
So I rest awhile, in the end I slept from 2am all the way till 6am. &I woke up is bcos my muscle cramp! Hahah:) Then 6am continue like do a bit then rest do a bit then rest till 7.45pm then go bathe & go sch agn.
Today reached sch, continue doing....Really shity &tired.
Got so much to complete.
So chiong all the way till like 3.45pm then we finish our ppt and we are the last grp to finish & present as well. So very fast, the presentation starts at 4pm. All the way from morning till 4pm, we didn't had a proper meal. All I had was just a few nuggets & 6pm had 2cheese toufu & finally can go hm have dinner! Have crab for dinner! Hahah. But is not so fresh cos is killed quite some time le. But anyway is nice to have dinner at hm!
I have a crazy thumbdrive which I just reformat it, guess it is okays now.
I have messy rhino, pdf, illustrator files everywhere, which I need time to pack and sort it out sooner. (Not today, don't feel like looking at all these stuff at least for a day)
I have loads of shows haven't watch, which I gonna watch it probably over the weekends or Friday night.
That's all for today.
Planned to be late for tmr sch, super late kind:x
BYE, I'm tired. No mood to watch those taiwan shows now.
gsiang. andihate havingnot enough sleep.
*Anyway, I will upload pictures when I got it& if Ihave the time to upload*

Is this kind of life more meaningful than slacking in school everyday?

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