Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doing now much of playing Fb in class. Concentrate on aircraft. But still nothing much done. Hahah:)
Brought back home to do some &finally completed the window but not sure is it correct.
So today sch ended early at 3pm, then went to Gym at YCK. So it is like maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I stepped into gym & the previous time I stepped in a gym was like maybe 3 or 4years ago! Hahaha:) So quite noob at those equipments as well. Hahah. But luckily my studio is to build a gym so did some research on those equipments. Hahah:)
I was shocked when I stepped in &very Paiseh... Cos the whole gym only got 3girsl which is ME, PHOEBE & FIFY!!! Hahah. Like wth la... No girls go gym? So like weird. Then the my fbt shorts is flair then can't do certain exercise.
But anyway is a nice workout! And I'm damn happy cos I completed 2.4km run within 22mins which I think was fast for me. I seriously is cannot run club lo. But I complete 2.4km is like WOAH!!! Hahah. Somemore out of the 2.4kM, I only walked 0.4km cos warming up. So if I run faster a bit maybe I can run finish at 20min? Hahah. But after the run, my legs are like super tired. Hahah. But still happy!
And to prevent myself from eating after exercising, when I reached hm I just slp for an hr. And exactly after 2hrs, which is 7.10pm, I wake up and eat dinner! Hahah.
So that's abt it for today, nx week badminton!
gsiang. andilove tokeepFIT!

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