Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wasting time in school as usual. But today really whole day Facebooking. Slacking like hell sia.
Today class quite little ppl. Hahah. So my new addicted game, Bejeweled. And, I thin I seriously sucks at it. I only one time tyco get 58000, then nv get le. Now my FB score is my bro help me get de, hahaha. I'm not so pro. Hahah. So, come hm continue playing from like 9pm all the way till now...
After sch went to Yishun to pass to a new promotor for this time Ntuc roadshow. Then went to Bishan to meet Vonne & Zhiming to get my cardign from Zipia, arrived le, pretty fast. Hahah.
Then Qi came to take her things also. Haha. So chat and slack awhile before going home.
Recently, I don't know what's wrong with me. But I get tired so early, or perhaps I got nothing much to do bah. I'm gonna stop my online shopping for some time or else I'm going broke. Just spend a $28 ystd buying a bandage skirt and oversized pocket tee! Hahah. I am so gonna save so money till attachment. Maybe it is time for me to start doing my portfolio since got nothing much to do at home. And I have run out of a lot of show. I only left with 3shows but starting from next week, I only left 2shows, cos Pai Quan is going to finish this sunday! Ohman... So can't wait to watch it! Hahah.
Okays, That's all for today.
Tmr no more fb-ing in class, got to do aircraft! Got critique on Monday:(
gsiang. andilove PaiQuan:)

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