Friday, May 22, 2009

Today did a little of Rostina's work and they rest of the work, we are going to exchange among everyone. We're really super slack. Hahah:)
Then, during our lunch break we went to have Pepper Lunch at AMK. Hahah:) Shiok, long break. We rest awhile, like 1hr, then we leave sch and head to NAFA graduation show.
Their rendering is seriously much more better than us & can draw better than us. Didn't have a chance to really look at each of their work esp those Diploma students' work. We spend too much time on those Bachelor students part. But the Bachelor standard is really good, esp one of the student work. Without looking at what is his/her proj title, just from images, we know what she is doing already. I think is really good. Shld learn from her,him. Hahaha. Workmanship was poor, except for like 1or 2. But they did like a walk through video for some of the works which is very impressive. Hahha:)
After that, went to shop around Bugis, in the end only left me, Ah Ma &Fify. We go and have our dinner at Empire State at Illuma. Empire State is very very similar to New York New York. Hahah. Is not cheap, but the interior pulls us in. Hahaha. Food was not bad. Shall post all the pictures soon, probably by tmr night if I have the time.
That's all for now. I had a enjoyable night:)
Tmr meeting Singyee &clique, yeah! :)
gsiang. andilove Creamypasta, sweet dessertss:)

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