Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today supposingly going to gym, but in the end never.
1. Chris overslept.
2. Menses come.
3. Going to rain.
So, in the end me, Huifen and Chris just met up to go Bugis.
Said to met at 12.30pm at Bugis MRT. So, I'm the only one who arrives early. Next time shld really bluff them on the time we meet. The always Late Queens!!!
Went to eat, then Lasalle, then shopped around at Bugis.
Planned to go National Library, but feeling unwell all cos of menses and lazy to walk le. So in the end nv go.
Bought Faceshop facial wash today, got 20% off. Hahah. Try new brand:)
Went to Mphosis sales, wanted to get a slipper and a top, but after some time I went back to see, all the stuff are gone, so nv buy anything from there. Anyway, those stuff are not something which I really need or want. Save money:)
Watched Boys Before Flower or Over Flowers, whatever... Hahah. Nx week Ju JunBiao is going to have straight hair! Hahahah:)
Then watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Is damn cute! Love Theodore, fat fat one! I know is like such a long time ago movie, but now I have the time so just watched it.
Gonna watched Night at the Museum 2 at cinema!
That's all for the night, I'm a bit tired. Bye:)
gsiang. andilove Theodore:)

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