Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's finally Friday, a day to rest.
Today a lot people go to site so class only has abt 10ppl.
FBing, Movie Marathon &did really very little of work. Hahah:)
After school went to Loreal warehouse sales. Not exactly just Loreal, still got Garnier &Maybelline as well. Mostly makeup and hair products which I don't really use. But is super cheap! Hahah. Great deals can be found over there. They have like Limited Products sales, which only went on for like 10s &all the Limited Products are all! Crazy, really auntie spirit there. Hahah.
Mascara going at $8, u.p $20plus?
Hair dye going at 2 for $10, usual one for $10plus.
Moisturing Cream going at $10, usual one for $25
And a lot others!!!
The mascara like tempting sia, but I in the end still nv buy, cos I buy I scared in the end nv use. But is really cheap, like Bu Mai Bai Bu Mai! Hahahah:)
So in the end I only buy like 3things, Garnier facial wash which is for my brother, Loreal moisturing lotion and 2 exactly same makeup pouch.
The makeup pouch is super big, more like clutch lo. But quite nice. I wanted just one but is going at 2 for $3. So no choice, got to buy 2 cos nobody want share with me. And I'm not going to use it as makeup pouch. I don't have so much makeup stuff. I'm going to use it when go out to nearby places or maybe when travel oversea, use it to put shampoo all these! Hahahah:)
Tmr going East Coast Park with Singyee then meeting Qi during the noon to shop. Waking up early tmr agn.
And tmr night or Sunday, I think I need to start doing whatever work I had to complete. Got so much things need to be done.
Aircraft layout & Lounge ( I need to practice how to pronounce this word ), Studio ppt, Rostina autocad drawings....
gsiang. andilove themakeupPouch:)

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