Friday, April 17, 2009

Today is not a good day for me.
Sales was so so.
After work talked through phone with Ken, my agent abt the comm.
There is some mistakes or miscommunication abt the amt of comm we get.
So sort of like quarrel with him??!! He's unhappy and me too!
But now is better le, hopefully.
But the comm stuff still need to confirm tmr! Fcuk man... I feel so pissed off just now and everything seems like my fault and like I'm in the wrong for not questioning some questions which didn't even came thru my mind at that point of time. Forget it.
Luckily I got my Apple Strudel which cheered me up! Hahaha. Only sweet things make me happy:)
I guess I'm going to get another apple strudel! So in love with it and I'm missing my strawberry stick!!! Hahah.
And thanks friends, Chris, Huifen, & Elaine for visiting me today!!! Hahah. Slacking agn...
I seems like I've been slacking thru. My collegues have like 9deals and I only have 4!!! Heaven&Earth!!! Hahah.
But I don't really care that much, as long as I hit my target, that's good enough.
And I'm looking forward to this Sat, probably might be the last day I could enjoy before sch start.
People, Shld I work on Sunday??!! They don't have enough people, but I guess I will only be going hm on Sunday morning. I will go work if I go hm abt 3am. Sians, how?!
Anyway, I seriously felt so boring tonight, like got nothing to do. So I guess I shld go slp. Slp earlier! Let me have more sales for tmr! Hahah.
Bye people, rest early too.
gsiang. andilove Apple Strudel:)

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