Thursday, April 09, 2009

I just finished watching Death Race!
Is damn nice & exciting. Hahah:) Super crazy show.
Today went to sch to have 3Dmax lesson. After that go to Orchard with Huifen, Chris and Huifen's friends. Ate Sakae Sushi, then shopped around. Reached hm abt 8.30pm and I'm damn tired, slp till 9.45pm then wake up have my dinner.
Tmr going to do the price check alone agn. Bored. After that meet Ah Ma, Huifen, Chris and her friends at Orchard bah cos I don't have dinner at hm. Hahah.
Feeling so happy. Vonne opened a blogshop with Zhiming! Hahah. I think they damn cute la. Hahah:)
Pls do support!
They just opened so do not have much things. They are having Forever21 and Threadless spree for now. But after some time they will have more things! But can be trusted, no scam and the exchange rate is cheaper than other blogshop!!!
That's it for today.
Andilove myFriends.

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