Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today was the worse sales day. I think total we only got 10sales!!! Crazy man. Rotting like siao.
I managed to sell 3 for today.
Hope tmr would be better:)
Anyway, if any guys would like to buy clothes from online, can go to this website to check it out.
It is also opened by Vonne, but it is mainly for guys, got Topman spree as well. If got the chance, pls go and take a look.
My dear friends, can let your whoever guy friends know abt it too! Thanks!
I'm gonna slp early. As tmr it is gonna be a long day for me, going out with classmates after work. Gossip Night:)
That's all for the day.
gsiang. andilove onlineshopping:)

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