Thursday, April 23, 2009

My legs are so tired, have been walking the whole day.
Met Yvonne and Elaine at Ochard at 1pm
Far East.
Bused to Clarke Quay.
Boat Quay.
Raffles Place.
Marina Square.
Back to Esplanade.
Isn't this crazy? Haha:)
In between nv really sit down, cos have been taking photos, thinking of ideas. Tired brains & legs.
Bused home and have dinner.
Today was such a joke by Yvonne.
I today then know that big gulp from 7eleven is being called by Yvonne's 'BIGLET' !!! We really laugh out loud lo:) Hahahaha. And is not only this word, there are so many others. And Yvonne also gain a lot of knowledge abt fitting rooms!
My idea, not confirm, everything got to wait till I take pictures tmr night. Perhaps as compared, I like my gym idea more than the vomit idea!!! Hahah.
And I got my f21 necklace today, liked it, not bad. Hahaha.
Tmr meeting Singyee to take night shots, Thanks to her in advance:)
Luckily today I nv buy anything, have been controlling myself!
gsiang. andilove slicedFISH:)

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