Sunday, April 05, 2009

I have finally finished watching all episodes of Dou Yu!!! Hahah:)
And super happy that I finally know how to convert videos from rmvb format to mov format which I can put into my Itouch. I am so stupid that I didn't know the program could not read Chinese characters. Hahah. Going to download more shows and put it in my Itouch! Whoohoo!
Anyway, ystd went to do the price check job then at night meet up with Secondary friends to go drinking at Bishan Pub, Club July. I didn't drink so much cos the previous night really drank too much. I going to limit myself from now on, not going to drink too much le. Continuous 2days of drinkig is enough, I think I got to stop drinking for some time. And guess won't go drinking so much le, cos Singyee is going for attachment, I'm going to start sch in another 2weeks time! So all gonna get busy.
Bye to Chivas, Martell, BlackLabel for some time bah.
Gonna go out and have dinner.
gsiang. andihatebeing deadDrunk:(

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