Monday, April 20, 2009

Some long timeeee ago pictures.
The previous time going to Drinking Place with Singyee and some other friends.
No one loves Green peas. So it was left untouched. And another 2more random pictures. But they are nice! Cos taken by Dslr, esp the green peas picture!

That's just abt the photos.
So, obviously, today was the first day of sch reopens.
System changed, and got to try to adapt it, but basically is OFFIC HRS for us!
9-5.30 routine.
And, it's just the first day, we need to start on our final yr projects and there are other projects and things that we need to do already. So I now going to do some things for one of the projects first, or else I can't slp le. Bye people.
gsiang. andihate Clone:( CMM

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