Saturday, April 04, 2009

Today is the max for me!!!
Went shopping at Junction8 follow by Bugis.
Bought jeans leggings and a pair of shoes.
Spend money agn!
Then at night meet up with secondary friends.
Singyee, Vonne, Jiaqi, Hoi Fai, Teng Kiat, Wene & me.
We went to Drinking Place!
Is so crazy! Ordered Martell & Black Label. 7 of us drank finish all within a night! Can't imagine it. This is the max for me and most jialat one.
I'm going to vomit man. But don't want myself to vomit! I can't take it le, seriously, max!
I can't even slp now, still feeling heavy for now. Too much for tonight.
But anyway, thanks Hoi Fai for treating us a bottle of Black Label.
I can't slp now la, I scare slp till halfway want vomit.
Most sian is that tmr still got to go do the price check job! Wth!
Don't even feel like doing it and guess tmr I will be hangover bah.
Tired, going to slp as soon as I'm not as drank as now, when I don't feel like vomitting. Gosh!
Tmr might have another round of drinking at Bishan Stadium.
That's it man.
gsiang. andilove mynewshoes!

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