Monday, April 13, 2009

I have not blog for some time, at least not this weekend.
Went to do my price check at Tampines with Vonne.
Tampines 1, the new shopping mall is opened and filled with people. Esp there's this new shop opened by Japan is flood with people. Is just a casual apparel shop and people are queuing just to go in. That's sounds so crazy right...
Then we went to Ikea to have dinner, Yummy:)
Met Singyee, Hoi Fai & Teng Kiat to drink agn! Martell agn which I'm quite sick of it le! I just wanted to drink cocktail. So there goes my 20bucks!!!
After drinking me and Singyee took photos & slacked at Esplanade till morning 6am then bused hm, cos we missed the Night Rider.
Abt 7.30am reached hm., sleep.
Watched show the whole day. Watched a super lame show reccomended by my Brother, Zhong Ji San Guo. Hahah:)
Went out with Singyee and Jiaqi to Plaza Sing.
Accompany Singyee go buy her book. Then had dinner at Thai Express. Walked around.
Chat a lot abt attachment stuff, then bused hm!
Hm, watched show agn. What a boring life I have.
But that's my life.
My working days have been changed to Tues to Sunday, but I'm not going to work on Sunday cos Saturday night gonna have fun with my classmates!!! Hahah:)
So, tmr gonna rot at hm!
gsiang. andilove rottingathm.

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