Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saying is so much easier than getting it done.
I have so much work to be done& yet I'm lazy to get it done.
I'm tired, getting tired easily.
I wanted to watch show, but it seems like it is fated not to let me watch it. The show keep on stopping, making me feeling irritated and so I just forget abt watching it. Hahah:)
Then did my research on a Fitness Corner for my studio. Not really sure of how it is going to look like, but the longer I do, the more things I think about, more problems are coming up& driving me mad!!! Hahaha.
And I did funny drawings, ugly writings& I realised, I can actually just copy& paste it in a ms word! Arggh!!
And I am really bothered by the aircraft project. Cos I need to come up with a autocad layout of the aircraft which I totally had no idea how am I going to start off with. Ohman... save me.
And next monday got to show models for studio, stressed up weekend I've got.
Tmr going to acc Chris go to her site to take pictures.
That's all for the day.
gsiang. andilove KinderBueno, don't steal it, I will chase after you!!!

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