Friday, April 24, 2009

Did not went to sch for 2days. Today most shiok. Slept till 2plus pm then wake up.
Met Singyee at City Hall at 7pm.
Went to HK Cafe to eat.
Take pictures for my studio.
Thanks Singyee for helping! I really need a better camera to take night pictures. Thanks for your accompany. I scared nx time might still need your help! Hahaha, but this can improve your camera skills! Haha:)
Bused hm.
On the way back hm, watched 'Quarantine' on Singyee's Ipod. The bus kept on stop and move on agn till I got headache when watching the movie cos the screen keep on moving also.
Suddenly, I looked at the time, thinking if I will take the same bus as my mother cos she go and work. Then, I looked in front saw a person turn sideways, IT'S MY MOTHER!!! Hahah:) Damn qiao lo! Same bus sia! Hahah:)
I can't show the layout for my studio tmr! I can't make a decision of what I really want to do and don't know how to do it yet! Sians. But I'm going to sch to think abt it tmr!
That's all for the day.
gsiang. andilove Kinder Bueno:)

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