Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I wanna BLOG

I seriously wanna blog. There's BKK trip, Fennie's bday, Jonathan's bday....
All I need is T I M E :(
Getting busy with work everyday, and leading that same routine. 'wake up, work, wake up work..' It will only be an exception on the weekends, making me feel that there is much more time to do whatever stuff I enjoy/want.

But anyway, there are like tonnes of images i've got to edit. My hair seriously sucks with that long long fringe, but now it's short. Pictures are kinda ugly for BKK. Soooo much pics for BKK, that Photoscape just gave up on
me. I'm doing some bulk editing now, hope pictures will turn out well! 2 more days to weekend, so shall at least get BKK post done (hopefully).

I'm excited for this Saturday to meet Singyee for shopping! Sooo much things I want to get, thou I think i will end up getting some 'wants' and not 'need'. But still, YIPPIE! :)

Okay, time checked: 11.53pm. Time to go bed. Goodnight people.

Working life is sad.

g s i a n g , t i r e d

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