Monday, December 27, 2010

SID 2010 X'mas BBQ

Christmas is over, and time to upload photos for this yr Christmas celebrations.
About a week ago had our advanced SID 2010 X'mas BBQ. 
Here are the photos!

Before having nice food, there must be preparation process....

Rayne cutting her fav asparagus

Fify cleaning the prawns

Kaser helped to wrap sotong&prawn

Of cos, i helped too! I rolled the bacon with asparagus&enoki, while Karen rolled chicken ham with asparagus&enoki. She doesn't want to touch PORK!

Karen's ham with asparagus&enoki nicely done...mine a bit chui, so don't need see la. Hahahha:)

Finally reach Pasir Ris Park and put down all the barang barang...

Headed to get charcoal&drinks at Ntuc, our shopping cart!

From day time prepare till night. And food were properly laid out...

Yvonne reached &did her part, trying to kill ants around the pit! Whahaha! :)

Karen& I busy starting up fire...

Rayne helping too! ...

Yvonne killed finish her ants &came to help start fire too...

Fire started& my hands become like a corpse's hand! Kaser's hand too!

Is this like the first chicken wing? I got no idea, didn't had a bite of the chicken wing on that day.

Photograph session starts from us....

With our 'props'- Christmas hats!

Kaser trying to squeeze in?

Okay, let her join us la.... Hahaha:)

And i started offering to take photos for them...

Of cos, must take photo with Karen bff. Hahahaha :)

And also must have XOXO! Whahaha :) 
Too many cameras and i don't know which to look at?!

Fire started to die again..while waiting for the charcoal to burn, we played games!

What must comes with Roulette Shooters??
Of cos, it's LIQUOR!!!
We have Cafe Boheme, Absolut Tropics, Midori & Jagermeister! 
Thanks to Fify & Rayne for contributing. :)

I'm helping to cast lightings for them

From not raining played until rained... Super pathetic :(

What's worse?!
How to BBQ?!
There's still lots of food!

Pathetic Karen used plastic bag to cover her back from rain...

Pathetic? Used styrofoam to cover the food while they are BBQ-ing.

This is what we BBQed in the rain, which mostly also went to the dustbin eventually...

Rain getting heavier, so we moved to the hawker centre to seek shelter and continue with our game.

Gift Exchange Time!

Anw, this is my ugly wrapping present. It's an awesome present ok? It's a fondue set!

And this is what I've got. It's from Rayne.

Additional gift from Yvonne & Chris!

Continued with Roulette Shooters &played another new game as well.

Very soon one by one left.... & the last 4 survivors are...


Fennie is there, but drunk sleeping...

What can we do? Camwhore ....

My gifts for the day: Elizabeth Arden body spray from Rayne
Little packet of chocs& sweets from Yvonne
Badge from Chris
And polariod film of Rayne&me from Rayne :)

Lastly, shall end off with our group photo. I always enjoyed my time with them :)

Check out my next post soon on another Christmas celebration with besties .
g s i a n g , l o v e B B Q :)

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