Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas nearing.

When's the last time i updated?

Anyway, i felt that it has been so long since i last updated, perhaps is because of the bkk post.
I've been uploading and trying to update the BKK post, but see... blogger kinda sucks. It said that i've reached the limit for the photos. So.... now i have to search for an alternative source to upload my photos, which is PHOTOBUCKET. But still, it has been problems. I uploaded 36photos and only 11 went through. What's wrong? When can i be done with the BKK post? Damn. 

Forget about all those bad stuff, but i'll still try to find a way to upload photos!
So.... Jingle Bell Jingle Bell!....
Christmas nearing... gonna have fun!
I'm gonna have this mini lunch celebration with my manager and another colleague. Then having another lunch buffet cum gift exchange session with Sales team colleagues, but i barely know them.
Anyway, actually i'm quite looking forward to the buffet lunch. I saw the menu and it's kinda attractive and yummy! :)
Office celebration is like nx week or nx nx week thing. What's happening soooon?

SID0702 BBQ ! Omg, it's gonna be soooo fun. :)
There's yummy food, nice games, fun people, juicy gossips! Great life!
I'm looking forward to playing Roulette Shooters! Thanks to Rayne, who sponsors to buy that game for all of us! Rayne and Fify are gonna sponsor alcohol! Shiok! :)
What's even nearer is.... Rayne, Chris and myself are gonna do mani and pedi this coming friday, which is like TMR! Whoohoo! :) Gonna have pretty nails for Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, 
TIMBRE with my lovely bff and their bfs!
It's gonna be an enjoyable and happy time with them! 
Having pizza, chicken wings, cocktail and listening to liveband....
I hope there will be tables for us on that night. I'm gonna call and make reservations, but not too sure if they allow it... 

All these Christmas events are making me excited! O M G ! Soooo excited! And all the gift exchange!!! I'm wishing everyone would spend a really great Christmas this yr in advance!

Anyway, i'm gonna be free on Christmas day itself, so please ask me along if you are going out! Hahahaha!

HOHOHO! Merry Christmas in advance...(just suddenly thought of MSOAN that Mary. she has a nickname Merry Christmas too! random)

g s i a n g , i l o v e C H R I S T M A S.

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