Saturday, December 04, 2010

In Debt

I just want to say,


It's definitely nice, even packaging also very atas. I took a little pictures, i'll really try my best to upload whatever pics I have.

First thing kinda sad is bcos, I'm facing some Flash player problems. Can't play any source of video (youtube), radio, music...

Secondly, I've only Picasa, but not Photoscape which is more useful with that batch editor. However, i prefer doing college using Picasa. Sooooo, I'm afraid BKK won't be out so soon again.

Thirdly, can't sync my itouch music to itunes. I think i've got to manually add them?!

Now, i'm a Macbook noob and it's telling me to ask for help.
I'll get it solve and get used to Mac!
Anyway, Mac is really cool with those functions that windows doesn't have.

Bye& Goodnight people.
Gonna have good day outside with Singyee tmr. It's shopping time!!!

g s i a n g , i l o v e M A C .

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