Sunday, December 26, 2010

Greatest Enjoyment

What is your greatest enjoyment in life?

I think mine is being served like a 'tai-tai'...
About a week back, I gave myself a little treat to medi&pedi at Quinceanera Nails located at Midpoint Orchard (opposite Somerset 313)
Thanks to Rayne for this good offer, & we only paid $30 for this spa medi&pedi! Good deal! :)

Take a look at that cosy& comfy interior :)

'What colours should I choose?'

What's SPA medi/pedi?
Firstly, they soaked your legs in your desired scent scrub. There are 6 different scent for you to choose.
Blueberry, Strawberry, Green Tea, Lavender and a few more which i can't remember.
Followed by sanding your foot (not super thorough kind), then masked your foot!
You can choose chocolate or peppermint mask! So we did peppermint mask for our foot and chocolate mask for our hands. It's super cooling for the peppermint mask. It felt like your legs are soaked in ice water, really!
While masking, they started trimming your nails and plucking some dead skin or what... i'm not too sure what they are doing but definitely something good for your nails!
Lastly applied colours to it! And there you go, your pretty nails!

Soaking foot

Massaging, and Rayne can't stop laughing...

Masking in progress.

While doing our legs, Chris is doing her hands...



Rayne's toes! Red with a little glitters :)

My Christmasy toes! Jade green :) In actual is not so dark.

My nails before doing medi, & i just did an express medi 2 weeks before coming here.

Finally, there's seat for Chris! And now Rayne &I are gonna do our hands while Chris gonna do her legs.

Rayne's baby green nails!

We're finally done!

Chris is still doing....

While waiting....



&mine! i don't know why but all the photos taken for my nails doesn't look like the actual ones.
For my hands, the colour is more pinkish with lots of glitter! Super duper Christmasy! :)

Lastly, us :)

Credits: Camera- Rayne's G12 & Fennie for being the photographer of the day! :)
Hahaha, that's all for this medi & pedi session...
Anw, we bought another round of medi & pedi with Quinceanera Nails. Shall find another day to go again.
The people there are quite friendly and nice too! Pamper yourself and give it a try! :)

g s i a n g , p r e t t y n a i l s

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