Tuesday, December 07, 2010


On Sunday, went out with chris to Bugis to paste my Macbook's palmguard. And it's a bad experience of them pasting it for me! And super unlucky, bought a red casing which cost me $74 and it's a wrong one. Now have to wait for the person to call me and let me know whether they have the red casing for Macbook pro and not Macbook!
Whatever it is... the main purpose of this post is to....

Introduce 我爱台妹

Both of us had a set which consists of a 'main dish'+sides+drink.

'main dish': chicken- there are a few flavours. There are other choices like calamari, meatball, tianbula, mee sua... We ordered BBQ and lemon.

sides: fries- there are also a few flavours like cheese, wasabi, BBQ, seafood....quite a few more. Other sides like toufu fries, long/french bean and more are also available.
However, there is only wasabi, BBQ and another not so nice flavour available.
So, we ordered BBQ flavoured fries.

drinks: milktea, caramel milktea, some other tea flavoured drinks i think.
We ordered milktea and caramel milktea.
Milktea for me rather tasteless and not milky enough.
Caramel milktea is quite similar to Koi, perhaps is because of the caramel flavouring.

Conclusion: Koi is still better, chicken was so so, fries still quite nice with that BBQ powder.

Camwhoring with our foodies!

Anw, we had a pathetic time eating at the highest level at Iluma. We were standing at the escalator there which has smth like a 'table top' for us to put down our food... But after awhile security came and chased us away. Damn paiseh cos we only heard the security when she shouted the second time! Then we went down to a drop off area and sit there to eat. It's practically a smoking area! ...

Okay, that's all. I just want to start posting all those short mini outings before all gets piled up!
Goodnight people, 12.03am, gonna have less than 7hrs of sleep again. 
That's working life :(

g s i a n g , i m t i r e d .

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