Sunday, December 05, 2010

Jonathan's 21st Birthday

Jonathan turned 21.

He invited us to his bday celebration at his aunt's condo.
It was actually a combine birthday celebration for him and his cousin.
A lot of people b'cos of two birthday boy& girl.

Pictures time, with the bday boy :)

Bday boy is always busy entertaining different people, so we just go to the fitness corner to chat, take picture.... Fun time thinking/figuring out our 'past' friends.

Time to cut cake! The one beside is Jon's cousin, the birthday girl.
Anw, you can predict how many people are there because we can only take pictures from this far!..zzz..

Back to Fitness Corner to have our cake, anw the cake is quite yummy!
Is coffee with some chocolate crunch, niceeee :)

After awhile, Jon being the greatest host, knowing that the buffet food finished, so we all went to Lau Pa Sa to have our supper/dinner. And, it's his treat!!! Thank you Jon. 

After that, vonne and zm caught the last train, while me and singyee walked all the way from Lau Pa Sa to LiangCourt to take a cab home! Then went reached Bishan still sat down and have a good chat before walking home.

A pretty short night with all the people, but definitely a well spent night.

g s i a n g , i p h o t o < 3

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