Monday, December 20, 2010

Summary , Waiting , Enhancing

Nothing much to do now, so just a short update.

S U M M A R Y .
Saturday, 'SID0702' BBQ.
It was meant to be a SID BBQ but turned out to be just that usual group of us.
People can't come, people last min can't attend....whatever, but we still have fun!
I guess it's the most pathetic BBQ we ever had, BBQ-ing in the rain. 
You can just imagine 3 umbrellas , 9 people , in the rain BBQ-ing. Practically 3 people have to squeeze in 1 umbrella.
BBQ-ed all the food and brought it to sheltered area, eat & played Roulette Shooters, 'I have NOT/ I have'. And alsoooo of cos Gift Exchange. 
I ate super little food for that night... not even a single chicken wing. Ate mostly mutton satay, super nice!
We even bought Christmas hats as props to take photos... didn't really use it also only until the end of the day when it's only left with Fennie (drunk,sleeping) , Rayne, Chris, Kaser & me. Spam polariod :)
Sunday morning, 6am cabbed home.

W A I T I N G .
I'm waiting for Rayne and Chris to do the photo editing so that all of us have perfect skin for that night before uploading it up to Fb. Thou' I still wish to edit it myself...hahaha! :) There's so much I could blog after having those photos. Be patience to get the best photos :)

E N H A N C E M E N T .
I'm gonna make a little enhancement to my blog. I'm having the same problem as Jiaqi. There are certain blog posts that are too long, it won't appear in archive. Sooooo, i'm gonna add another sub on my blog for those missing post. Give me a little time, i'll make it perfect! :) Hahahaha!

I had a great night watching MSOAN ep 12, definitely nice and funny! 
Tmr gonna be another great night with Singyee, going to NEX to get Kose mask. And, Laneige sleeping mask is my new love! 

Goodnight people.
g s i a n g , i l o v e M S O A N :)

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