Sunday, September 12, 2010

a super late post for 29 aug

This is really a super late update for my bday- 29aug, but I'm like super free now until I don't know what I shld do! Whahha:) Anyway, I've gotten those picnic photos as well so shall select and upload some as well. But I'm not sure when am I going to get it done! Hahaha!

If you all know, I'm really lazy and lazy to wake up early. But this time is really rare.. I only slept for about 3hours plus and woke up for Breakfast with Jiaqi.
We are choosing between Delifrance and Cafe Cartel, but in the end we chose Cafe Cartel cos we are in a rush and no time to have Delifrance breakfast! But it's definitely a good choice as well! :)

The Breakfast menu, there choice is about the same but with different combination.

My Choice, niceeeee! :)

Jiaqi's Choice, a bit plain and smaller portion compared to mine!!! Whahaha! :)

The Hot Chocolate that really makes me go 'WOW!! NICE!'
I will definitely go back for this cup of hot chocolate, I really love the taste!

After breakfast, we rushed over to Bioskin Workshop. Paid $38 for facial and some other services! Quite worth it! And we are the youngest group of people there! Whahaha :)

First thing, we tried the leg massage thingy. It will help blood circulation and detox don't know what.
Look like MUMMY's leg!!! But it's really comfortable :)

Following, there is a talk on BioP2X, the treatment we are going for. Then we go have our facial alrd, no pic for facial la...

After facial, we went for hand paraffin. Just in case, you people out there don't know what's hand paraffin (which I also don't know before I went for it). Benefits of it: Paraffin Hand Treatments soften hands, improve circulation, rejuvenate skin coloring, and ease joint stiffness. The whole process is to soak your hand in wax and leave it for awhile before it hardens and you can pull it out like a glove! It's not cheap! One time treatment cost $50, but of cos mine is in the $38 package!

There is other services like eyebrow trimming and medicure but I didn't went for it.
We went to enjoy the refreshments instead. Not much choice, but was alright.
The cake is some lemoncake which taste awful! Cake was hard!
I didn't had the sushi but Jiaqi said it was quite nice. And there are some other fried food like spring roll was quite alright as well.
One picture of us without any makeup, looks shag. Whaha:)

After that, we just shopped ard Bugis and went hm.
That's all for that day!
Anw, added song and facebook badge to my blog, but remove my tagboard. Shld I have a tagboard? Tell me leh! Anw, I still feel like changing the colour of some fonts! Slowly la huh..
Anw, I've been rotting at home for 2 FREAKING DAYS!!! arghh! I need more friendsss. Forever Alone~!
Whahaha! Sooooooo, tmr I'M GOING OUT!!! Whoohoo!
I'm going Jurong Point with Chris. Thanks to her, or else I'll be rotting at hm for 3daysss!
Gonna check out polariod strap, film and try out the tappanyaki Singyee told me about.
I want to buy durian mooncake! Goodwood Park or Home's Favourite?
My mum says Goodwood Park's smell nicer but taste sweeter whereas Home's Favourite's not so sweet!
Okays, maybe I shall check it out for myself, bye people!
I'm gonna shop online and filter the picnic photos! :)
gsiang. food became part of my life :)

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